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The Vauxhall Vivaro is a very popular panel van in the UK. Many of these vans are converted to a camper van. Every handyman can convert a Vivaro to a Vivaro camper by using products made by CamperfiXX. We supply all kinds of camper kitchens and camper cupboards as a DIY construction kit. Our triple camper bed is very comfortable and our elevation pop top is extremely flat.  All our kits are available for left and right hand driven vans.

DIY camper kitchens and camper cupboards to convert a Vauxhall Vivaro to a camper van

CamperfiXX designed a wide variety of camper kitchens and camper cupboards for your Vauxhall Vivaro, SWB of LWB. We have chosen birch plywood to construct our DIY products. This material is strong, impact and water resistant. The design and lay out of our products make it easy to assemble the camper cupboards and kitchens. They come with a manual which includes photo's of about every step in the assembly. The rear panel of some of the camper cupboards and kitchens is too large to send by mail. This panel is available in all DIY shops in your neighbourhood. All cupboards and most of the kitchens are supplied for both left hand and right hand fitting.

vauxhall-vivaro-swb-campervan-2 vauxhall-vivaro-swb-campervan 1 vauxhall-vivaro-lwb-campervan 1 vw-t5-lwb-campervan-1

For the Vauxhall camper van LWB we designed a special cupboard, marked grey in the picture: Product TV2 and TV-390. 



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SWB, LWB, H1 and H2 Renault-trafic-camper ombouw-1 Camper cupboards to convert a Vauxhall Vivaro to a Vivaro camper van. 
SWB, LWB, H1 and H2 Camper kitchens suitable for Vauxhall Vivaro campervan.
SWB, LWB, H1 and H2  All kinds of accessoires for your Vauxhall camper van. 
SWB, LWB and H1

Elevation Pop Top roof for Vauxhall Vivaro camper van, made by Atrion, the Netherlands. 

We deliver a high quality elevating pop top roof for Vauxhall Vivaro, both SBW & LWB. This roof includes:

  • Black roof (can be colour-coded at extra cost) and tent
  • 2 x hinges, 2 x gas struts 
  • one pull down handle and 2 x fastening strips
  • Front spoiler strip and sealing mastic

This elevation pop top roof is extremely flat. 

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L1, L2 and H1

Pop-up roof for Vauxhall Vivaro camper van.

We deliver a cheaper option, a pop-up roof, made by Atrion.

L1, L2, H1 en H2 Triple camper bed for VW T4 camper van

Camper van bed designed for VW T4 Transporter camper van, made by Atrion.

We deliver a Triple camper van bed.  The advantages:

  • Easy lift and slide operation
  • Available fully upholstered



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