The conversion: tips and tricks


Tips and tricks


Fixing the cover of the kitchen

The distance between the between pivot points is very important.

If you comply to these distances the cover is in a upright position when opened.



How to fix the table

All tables have an aluminium profile (picture right) that is screwed under the table.
To fix the table to the kitchen you have to hold the table under an angle downwards. The profile
will slide into the aluminium profile in the kitchen (shown on the left).



camper-interieur aluminiumprofielProfile mounted to most of the CamperfiXX Kitchens

Profile positioned under the table


How to avoid rattling doors


Glue a piece of felt on the back of the door where it overlaps the other door.


 How to avoid heat?


If the cover gets to hot, you can choose to glue an aluminium panel to the cover


Noise insulation (sidewalls and floor)


- floor construction of insulation e.g. Extreme and plywood with a total thickness of approx. 27 mm

- Finishing the side walls: Noise insulation behind the side panels and along the wheel housing




All cupboards and kitchens come with a manual including many puctures.        Making the assembly easy!

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