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These cupboards can be ordered to fit the left or right hand side of your camper.

vw-t5-swb-campervan-2 vw-T5-lwb-campervan-2 The VW T5, T4, Renault Trafic, Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primastar are available in a SWB and a LWB version. For the latter we designed a special cupboard, the T5-390, T4-390 and TV-390.


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Short discription cupboard for camper vans

SWB, LWB, H1 and H2  camper DIY kit T5K3 RHD

Camper van cupboard to be placed above left of right rear wheel. A safety belt is hidden behind the the small door.

T5 T6 cupboard:  price 395 pound incl Transport, down from  595 pound

LWB, H1 and H2  T5-T4-camperkast-390-2T5-T4-camperkast-390-3

Camper cupboard designed for the Vivaro LWB camper.

Vivaro cupboard:  price 195 pound incl Transport, down from  345 pound




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