DIY products for the Ford Transit

Ford Transit camperconversion

The Ford Transit is a popular van in the UK.

DIY flat pack for Ford Transit campervan conversion

CamperfiXX designed a wide variety of camper kitchens and camper cupboards. We have chosen birch plywood to construct our DIY products. This material is strong, impact and water resistant. The design and lay out of our products make them easy to assemble. They come with a manual which includes photo's of about every step in the construction. The rear panel of some of the camper cupboards and kitchens is too large to send by mail. The panels are available in any DIY shop in your neighbourhood.

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camperkast vw t4

This cupboard is designed for the 2011 model. The height is 129 cm. The length is 112 cm and it is either 33 or 36 cm deep.

This cupboard will also fit the latest Transit model, with a small modification.

Camper kitchens suitable for the Ford Transit van

All kinds of accessoires for your de Ford Transit campervan

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