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Mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mr. Anno Huidekoper:  00 31  6 222 605 04

Showroom: Koudeweg 40, 9079 PA St. Jacobiparochie The Netherlands

Who initiated CamperfiXX?

CamperfiXX is founded by Mr. Dick As and Mr. Anno Huidekoper. Mr Dick As has sold his shares to his business partner on Juli 1rst 2021.

Anno Huidekoper

Anno Huidekoper has experience with a variety of materials including wood. His camper is the testing ground of CamperfiXX. He discussed his ideas with his collegue and converted these into a product that then is tested on use in practice. The CamperfiXX camper shows to be a magnet for other camper enthousiasts on campsites and during camping weekends. Due to his knowledge on the conversion of a van into a camper, he is frequently asked for advice about, for example, the lay-out of a camper and about soundproofing.

Dick As 

Dick As designs and makes wooden furniture. His designs are characterized by simplicity and style. To him durability and natural materials are very important aspects. His knowledge of CNC routing is the key to the CamperfiXX designs. All parts have a perfect fitting and the design enables an easy assembly. He has many years of camping experience. is owned by CamperfiXX B.V. 

Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands nr: 62.029.681


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