T5KL2 cupboard details and price

Please look at our complete camper retrofit set T5XL as well

Handy camper cupboard with unique characteristics for the VW T5 and T6 camper with long wheelbase

The T5KL2 camper cupboard consists of two compartments at the top. These compartments are a bit deeper and wider than the compartments of the camper cupboard T5K5. Underneath, there is a wide shelf, which can hold a mattress that can be ordered separately.
This mattress is 20 cm wide and broadens the sofa bed with 20 cm. This means that you can sleep on a 140 cm wide mattress in this camper. How comfortable!

The T5KL2 is suitable for a VW T5 camper with long wheelbase. If you have a VW T5 camper with short wheelbase and you still want to sleep in a wider bed, you should look at the T5KL1 cupboard.

Sizes: LxDxH: 141 x 35 x 128 cm.
vw t5 camperkast

The T5KL2 is part of a complete camper retrofit set

Space and luxury are central in the T5XL interior.

  • Blue: mattresses of seat-bed,
    140 x 200 cm in lying position
  • Sand coloured: drawer under seat-bed
  • Orange: table ACU4, hooked to kitchen K480 deluxe
  • Red: kitchen K480 deluxe
  • Green: cupboard T5KL2
  • Yellow: in between cupboard T5KL3
XL2 en XL3

The VW T5 and T6 camper interior, left to right

On the left, the large camper cupboard with a 20 cm wide mattress extension on the bottom shelf.

Next to this, in the middle of the picture, is the in-between cupboard. This too has been fitted with a 20 cm wide mattress.

The kitchen with cooling drawer is far right in the picture
camper inrichitng vw t5 camper

The camper cupboard T5KL2 has 2 compartments

Both compartments in this camper cupboard are fitted with adjustable cupboard shelves. The compartments are just a little deeper than those of the T5K2. 

We deliver the spacious camper cupboard T5KL2 as DIY box or ready made

We deliver this cupboard as a DIY box, or at an extra charge, as a ready-made product.


Sales price camper cupboard T5KL2 for VW T5 camper long wheelbase


T5KL2, DIY box birch wood, incl. of VAT and exclusive packaging and shipping

 € 595

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