DIY camper table ACU4


Camper table


A table in your camper is quite convenient. Is it too cold to eat outside then this is your dining table. In the evening you can play a game on your camper table. There are two tabs to the table top. The table can be hooked to a aluminium rails that is mounted on the CamperfiXX kitchens. The table leg can be folded and the length is adjustible. When folded the table takes little space.


The dimensions of table ACU4 amount to approx. 38 x 78 cm.

All our kitchens, the image shows the K1-430, are equipped with a rail to which the table can be hooked. For more information on this luxury kitchen, just click on the picture on the right.

The table can be slided in the rails. Use the table as a worktop to create a delicious meal or to study the route map. The table is made of Birch plywood, making it a typical CamperfiXX product that matches the other camper furniture.

You can see our campertable, our kitchen K1 and the cupboards T5K2 and T5K-390. This set is designed for a VW T5 campervan LWB.


Retail price camper table


ACU4, DIY Construction kit, Birch plywood, incl. VAT, excl. Posting and Package to the UK

£ 95,-

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