K1-430 DIY camper kitchen


Camper kitchen K1-430 Description


The K1-430 camper kitchens help you to convert your van into a camper. It has a more luxurious view. The sink-hob combination is covered with two glass lids made of heat-proof safety glass.
Because of the warm atmosphere that is evoked by wood we remain faithful to this material. Camper kitchen K1-430 is non-type-specific and fits almost any van. We supply the DIY kitchen as a build it yourself kit that comes with a manual and is easy to build.

The sizes are LxDxH: 100 x 43-33 (resp. top/bottom) x 74 cm.

When you use the kitchen K1-430 to convert your van, your camper will have a more luxurious look. We use a design tap with a larger handle that makes it comfortable in use.

The K1-430 is designed to fit the sink-hob combination SMEV 9222 / HSG2370 with the sink on the right or left. The SMEV is supplied with a luxurious tap, prepared for hot water, pump, tubes and two containers. The tap has a switch and the hob has an automatic ignition system. You don't need matches anymore.



At the right, behind the sliding door you will find 3 drawers. This kitchen is large enough to fit 2 containers and a gastank.

Another very useful feature is the cutlery drawer. The drawer is easily accessible.


Luxury comes with practical details! camper kitchen K1-430 matches well with our cabinets. For many different delivery vans we have designs. The camper kitchen is equipped with a rail where the camper table (ACU4) can be slided in.


Click on the photo for more info on the Camperfixx camper table.

In the picture the cupboard T5K3 is shown which has 5 doors. The narrow door can be opened to use the safety belt.

All cabinets are supplied for both left hand and right hand fitting.


Retail price camper kitchen K1-430


K1-430, construction kit, excl. SMEV 9222L or 9222R, birch plywood, incl. VAT , exclusive packaging and shipping

€ 625,-

K1-430, construction kit, incl. SMEV 9222L or 9222R, with 2 containers, tap, pump and hoses, birch plywood,                                                       incl. VAT, exclusive packaging and shipping

€ 1095,-

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