Use a CamperfiXX van conversion kit

Would you like to convert your camper van yourself? CamperfiXX offers the opportunity to do so. We provide do-it-yourself kits to convert your van. We have designed kits for a large number of different delivery vans. All our kits are available for left and right hand driven vans.

Our latest models, that we have designed since June 2016, you will find on the Dutch and German pages of this site.This includes an interior for a buscamper with an M1 tested seat-bed that measures 140 to 200 cm and furniture built from birch plywood with a HPL (hardplastic) top layer.

Fit2Go M1 tested seat-bed by CamperfiXX

We have recently designed a M1-tested seat-bed with the name Fit2Go. The mattress has a length of 200 cm and a maximum width of 140 cm if combined with our newly designed interior T5XL. If you want to lie comfortably, the thickness of the mattress is also important. In this case, the entire mattress is 10 cm thick; this thickness is thus not limited to the head end. This you will find in no other brand of sofa-beds.


  It you want to convert your van yourself the DIY-kits provide an excellent start. 

Do you have specific personal wishes or adjustments? Please let us know and we will design the kitchen or cupboard that you want. We also advise on the lay-out of your interior, insulation and which type of van to choose. 

The comfort of a CamperfiXX DIY camper van

A camper van should be convenient in use. The kitchen has to be practicable, has to have enough space to store your gear. The camperfiXX cupboards provide for this.

Experience the freedom your self converted camper van offers

Your self converted camper van provides for unprecedented opportunities. Would you like to visit a city? Almost every city has a campsite or or camper van site. Driving your camper is the perfect way to discover other countries and yet unknown places. It the weather turns you pack up and move to another area. This is the freedom that you look for in a holiday.

The retail prices, as shown on the pages in english, include shipping to the UK , unless otherwise stated

All cupboards and most of the kitchens are supplied for both left hand and right hand fitting



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